Make your government payment from connectIPS

Having to visit a tax office or its designated bank branch for tax payment or in that sense any other Government service offices for a payment is a pain taking activity with lots of hassles. But now the taxpayer can easily make such payments through various online platforms such as connectIPS(web and mobile app), CORPORATEPAY, branches and alternate channels of member BFIs (Internet/Mobile banking), various PSPs (digital wallets) including the Government of Nepal websites (through connectIPS gateway).

Government of Nepal had taken an initiative for a fully integrate and automate e-payment of the transactions related to payouts and revenue collection and NCHL has enabled the online collections of such payments directly from taxpayers’ accounts held at member BFIs to designated accounts of Government of Nepal entities. This has considerably replaced the use of paper based means of payment moving to digital modes.

Currently available revenue payments (tax/ non-tax) to the Government of Nepal through online medium are:

  1. Financial Controller General Office (,
  2. Inland Revenue Division (
  3. Public Service Commission – Lok Sewa (
  4. Consular Service
  5. Passport Department
  6. Nepal Traffic Police
  7. Company Registrar Office
  8. Department of Foreign Employment
  9. Teacher Service Commission
  10. Department of Customs

Also available for the Semi-Government entities (through connectIPS web/mobile app) such as:

  1. Citizens Investment Trust
  2. Employee Provident Fund
  3. Social Security Fund
  4. Nepal Oil Corporation
  5. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal
  6. Nepal Tourism Board

Available systems/channels for online tax payments are:

  1. Government of Nepal websites (through connectIPS gateway)
  2. connectIPS (web and mobile app)
  4. Bank Branches through Bank Central
  5. Alternate channels of member BFIs (Internet/Mobile banking)
  6. PSPs (digital wallets)

To make payment from Government of Nepal websites (throughconnectIPS gateway)

  1. Go to the respective website IRD / FCGO / Other Government Office.
  2. Fill in the required details to generate a voucher for the payment
  3. Recheck the details and  proceed further for the payment by choosing connectIPS as payment option
  4. Upon redirection to connectIPS, Log in using the connectIPS Username and Password, and captcha shown in the screen
  5. Select debiting account, recheck the details and use your Transaction Password and/or OTP received in registered mobile number and e-mail
  6. Click on Submit to complete the payment and receive the transaction processing status from respective website.

To make payment from web or mobile app of connectIPS

  1. Login into or Mobile App ( using your Username and Password
  2. From the available options under Government Payment, choose the required entity for making the payment
  3. Select debit account and fill the required details (Voucher/ Amount) generated from respective website and make payment
  4. Recheck the details and use your Transaction Password and/or OTP received in registered mobile number and e-mail
  5. Click on Submit to complete the payment and the status of the same will be updated at Government Website.

To make payment from CORPORATEPAY

  1. Initiator/Maker user will have to Log-In to CORPORATEPAY from UsernamePassword and Corporate Code provided by bank after user creation.

        (If you do not have access or new to the system, contact your respective bank/financial institution for user creation in CORPORATEPAY.)

  1. Enter the 2FA Code and click on Login.
  2. Select the debtor bank (from which the payment is to be initiated) and Login with Bank Login details.
  3. At the Bank Dashboard, Select NCHL-IPS (for non-real time and high value) or connectIPS (for low value and real time).
  4. Select and Click on Service Payments>Government Payment >Government Revenue payment
  5. Enter the Request Code (Generated from Government website – Voucher Number / Electronic Bill Payment Number) and amount.    
  6. Click on Initiate, which will redirect to the re-confirmation page with transaction amount to be paid. Click on Confirm to complete the transactionfrom Initiator / Maker User.
  7. Checker / Approver User of CORPORATEPAY can then log-in using his/her own Log-in credentials in order to approve the payment.
  8. To Download Payment Advice report, click on Dashboardand then upon Bank Login, go to Reports>Transactions Query> Select Payment System >Show Filter and select transactions and Export.


To make payments using NCHL – Bank Central

  1. Contact a nearest branch of your BFI along with the mandatory information generated from Government website (Voucher Number & Amount). Based on the customer request and authorization, Bank staff will be able to make necessary payment using Bank Central on the customer behalf.

To make payment from mobile banking app

  • Open and Login into your mobile banking app
  • Select the Government Payment  from available services or from Bill Payment
  • Fill the required details (Voucher Number and amount)
  • Recheck the details and make payment

To make payment from member wallets

  • Open and Login into your wallet app
  • From the Government Services, select the Government service for which payment has to be done 
  • Fill the required details (Voucher Number & Amount) and click on get details
  • Recheck the details and make payment

Transaction limits from the various systems/channels

System/Instrument Channel Per Transaction Per Day
GoN websites (connectIPS gateway)   20 lakh 20 lakh
connectIPS Mobile App Website 2 lakh 20 lakh 2 lakh 20 lakh
Mobile/Internet Banking of BFIs   As per BFI policy
PSP / Wallets   As per NRB directive
Member BFI branches connectIPS NCHL-IPS 20 lakh 1 Cr (same bank) 30 Cr As per BFI policy
CORPORATEPAY connectIPS NCHL-IPS 20 lakh 1 Cr (same bank) 30 Cr As per BFI policy