NEPALPAY QR (Interoperable QR based Transaction)

NEPALPAY QR has been implemented by NCHL as the implementing infrastructure of NepalQR standards published by Nepal Rastra Bank and as part of the National Payment Switch. The objective is to establish and operate national QR scheme/network and internetwork transaction & settlement. NEPALPAY QR works as an independent QR scheme and allows QR interoperability at merchant level and network level.

Customers of BFIs and PSPs can now initiate a QR based payments in NEPALPAY network by simply scanning the QR using NEPALPAY QR enabled issuing instruments (mobile app, wallet and connectIPS). NEPALPAY QR scanning is currently available from:

  1. ADBL Smart (Agricultural Development Bank)
  2. Citizens Smart (Citizens Bank International)
  3. EBL Touch 24 (Everest Bank)
  4. Global Smart Plus (Global IME Bank)
  5. HI-MB (Himalayan Bank Limited)
  6. Kumari Smart (Kumari Bank)
  7. Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money (Laxmi Sunrise Bank)
  8. MBL M-Smart (Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd.)
  9. nBank (Nabil Bank)
  10. NIMB Smart (Nepal Investment Mega Bank)
  11. MoBank App (NIC Asia Bank Limited)
  12. eNMB (NMB Bank)
  13. Digi Prabhu (Prabhu Bank)
  14. Prime Smart (Prime Commercial Bank)
  15. RBB Digital Sansar (Rastriya Banijya Bank)
  16. Siddhartha Bank SmartXP (Siddhartha Bank)
  17. Sanima Sajilo e-Banking (Sanima Bank)
  18. Standard Chartered Bank
  19. Garima Digital Batuwa (Garima Bikas Bank)
  20. KS iMobile (Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank)
  21. Goodwill Finance Smart (Goodwill Finance)
  22. ICFC Finance Smart (ICFC Finance)
  23. Samriddhi Mobile Banking (Samriddhi Finance)
  24. CellPay (Cellcom Pvt. Ltd.)
  25. Hamropay (Hamro Patro Pvt. Ltd.)
  26. iCash Nepal (Galaxy International Pvt. Ltd.)
  27. IME Pay – Mobil Digital Wallet
  28. Khalti Digital Wallet
  29. Moru – Digital Wallet (Pay Nep Pvt. Ltd.)
  30. Namaste Pay
  31. N-Cash (Sulav Pay Private Limited)
  32. PayWell
  33. Prabhu Pay
  34. SajiloPay Digital Wallet (Sajilo Pay Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.)
  35. connectIPS Mobile App (Nepal Clearing House Limited)

(Note: The facility is being added in mobile banking of other BFIs and wallets of PSPs.)

Merchants can receive their payments digitally by enrolling under NEPALPAY QR through their respective BFIs or PSP. Such QRs could be static or dynamic or gateway based, The BFIs and PSPs currently acquiring merchants for NEPALPAY QR are:

  1. Agricultural Development Bank
  2. Citizens Bank International
  3. Everest Bank
  4. Global IME Bank
  5. Kumari Bank
  6. Laxmi Sunrise Bank
  7. Machhapuchhre Bank
  8. Nabil Bank
  9. Nepal Investment Mega Bank
  10. Nepal Bank
  11. Nepal SBI Bank
  12. NIC Asia Bank
  13. NMB Bank
  14. Prabhu Bank
  15. Prime Commercial Bank
  16. Sanima Bank
  17. Siddhartha Bank
  18. Standard Chartered Bank
  19. Garima Bikas Bank
  20. Jyoti Bikas Bank
  21. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank
  22. Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank
  23. Muktinath Bikas Bank
  24. Shine Resunga Development Bank
  25. Central Finance
  26. Goodwill Finance
  27. ICFC Finance
  28. Pokhara Finance
  29. Samriddhi Finance
  30. FOCUSONE payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MOCO – Digital Wallet)
  31. MORU
  32. SulavPay

(Note: The facility is being added by other BFIs and PSPs.)

How to pay using NEPALPAY QR from Mobile Banking/ Wallet/ connectIPS App?

  • Login into your Mobile Banking/ Wallet/ connectIPS app using your Username and Password
  • Click on QR Pay/ Scan to Pay from the available options in the app
  • Scan the QR
  • Enter the amount in the UI to pay. In case of dynamic QR, payment details will be populated automatically.
  • Fill other details and click on Transfer
  • Confirm the payment details and click on “Make Payment”
  • Use your Transaction Password and/or OTP
  • Click on Submit to complete the payment

NEPALPAY QR based payment gateway for Government of Nepal (GoN) Revenue Payments

NEPALPAY QR payment has also been added as an additional option within connectIPS payment gateway for Government of Nepal revenue payments, such that the general public can now be able to scan QR from mobile banking app, wallets and connectIPS app to initiate revenue payment to the GoN.

How to make GoN revenue payment using NEPALPAY QR?

  • Log in to  GoN Revenue portals  using your Username and Password
  • Fill in the required details and generate the voucher
  • Click on connectIPS as payment gateway option
  • Scan the generated QR to proceed further for the payment using your Mobile Banking app/ Wallet / connectIPS app
  • Select your account to make the payment
  • Verify the details and click on ‘Pay’ to complete the payment.
  • After successful payment, click on merchant redirection URL on connectIPS gateway dashboard.

What is the transaction limit for QR based payment?  

QR based transaction limit are based on the limits of the issuing instruments. Current transaction limit in connectIPS app is as follows:

 QR based Payment

Transaction limit

Maximum amount per transaction per day

NRs. 3,00,000

* Limit is per user per bank
* Respective BFIs or PSPs may have different limits as per their internal policy
* Limit may change as per Nepal Rastra Bank directive